Yes, there is. The trends that simply do not go out of fashion. These often carry designations such as timeless, elegant or modern and rightly so, after all, they are also like stylish classics that enjoy unwavering popularity – including our living trend “Black and White”.

What is there to consider?

The two achromatic colors do not have it easy. Black is often shunned for its inherently somber character, while the color white looks sterile and uncomfortable in too large quantities. As always, the same applies here: It’s all in the mix. In combination, the two opposites bring harmony and balance to the home and have a calming effect, providing a retreat from the sensory overload of everyday life.

Not all black is the same and so it is not only the combination of anthracite, gray and slate, but also the interplay of the different materials, which gives this trend the necessary tension. If you now believe fallacious statements that black walls make a room look smaller and darker, you will be proven wrong here. Because, as we all know, everything is always a question of the right combination and so taste is in the eye of the beholder.

So you see, living in black and whiteoffers a wide range of design options, be it with black and white decor, eye-catching wall patterns or rugs. The customizability of this look gives you the perfect playground to get completely creative and create a home that is tailored and completely individual to your desires.