Quite clear: Family and friends gather at the dining table to eat and chat. The dining table is also often used for other purposes: as a place for homework, handicrafts or for playing games together.

In terms of communication will probably be the most important piece of furniture, after all, he is considered the linchpin of life at home. Therefore, the purchase should be well thought out, which is not at all easy with the choice: from round to square, from wood to glass and concrete to metal, dining tables come in different materials, sizes and shapes.

How to find the right dimensions of the dining table

How many people should normally be seated at the dining table? For example, if it is a two-person household, then smaller models are enough. On the other hand, if an extended family is going to gather at the dining table, then you’ll need a large, possibly extendable dining table.

Those who need a small model on weekdays, but often have visitors on weekends, will be happy with an extendable dining table. Attention: There must also be enough space for extension tables. Therefore, when buying always calculate with the overall dimensions of the extended dining table.